About Moreton Island “the gem of South East Queensland”


About Moreton Island – “the gem of South East Queensland”

Moreton Island “the Gem of South East Queensland” is one of the best experiences that Australia has to offer. Brisbane is fortunate in having on its doorstep one of Australia’s largest sand islands, making this Moreton Bay island perfect for that much needed getaway to “Escape the Fake”!

Moreton Bay remains one of the few untouched areas of natural wilderness along the east coast. White sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and refreshing freshwater lakes make Moreton Island Adventures an amazing place to escape and unwind.

Just a short 75 minute ferry ride across Moreton bay, Moreton Island is quickly being discovered as an unspoilt paradise of people wanting to relax and enjoy nature or for the wacky and wild wanting to have some fun and adventure!

From beach or rock fishing to snorkelling Moreton Islands  shipwrecks, walking through wildflowers, exploring historic sites or just laying back on the white sandy beaches, Moreton Island Adventures offers something for everyone!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly escape experts!


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