Cane Toad free camping near Brisbane?

Want to go camping near Brisbane with no nasty visitors? Check out beautiful Moreton Island then! Did you know that Moreton is one of the few locations in coastal Queensland where cane toads are not established? And we all want to keep it that way – check out how we can all help to prevent Moreton Island becoming one of the sad statistics in the fight against cane toads!

Check your load for toads

Cane Toads are hitchhikers. Before travelling make sure you check your firewood, fishing gear, camping gear and any spaces that a cane toad may hide. If you find one, make sure it’s disposed of humanely (see below).

Report sightings

any sightings on Moreton Island to QLD Parks & Wildlife Service on (07) 3408 2710

Know your native frogs

There are some native species on Moreton Island that could be mistaken for toads – see below the pictogram which shows how to distinguish these species. Generally, toads are larger than frogs and can grow bigger than 20cm – most native frogs are smaller than this.

Source: Brisbane City Council

Dispose of Cane Toads Humanely

Did you know that there is now a RSPCA certified aerosol spray which is the most humane euthanasia method for toads? No more scaring mum with the frozen cane toad method! This spray is called HopStop and is widely available in hardware stores. Check out their website here for more info on where to buy this great product.

Dispose of Cane Toad eggs

Cane toad eggs develop in water as long strands of black eggs. Remove them from the water and place in sunlight to destroy.

Say g’day to the amazing cane toad detection dogs

Brisbane City Council enlists the help of cane toad detection dogs to regularly visit the island to sniff out the pests. During each visit, one of the dogs and its handler undertake searches in key habitat areas. They raise awareness with residents and visitors on what they can do to ensure the island remains cane toad free. The cane toad detection dog will be doing its next survey on Moreton Island on 9-15 December 2016.


To find out more about the great work Brisbane City Council do to protect Moreton Island, click here.

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