Clean Up Australia Day 2023

Bulwer, Mulgumpin (Moreton Island) Friday 3rd – Sunday 5th March

2023 Clean Up Australia Day volunteers at Bulwer Wrecks

Site No: 11310 – Bulwer, Moreton Island

For this 33rd Clean Up Australia Day, our event was held over 3 days from March 3-5. It covered Bulwer Township and bay side beaches and creeks from Comboyuro Point to the Cowan Bypass. Once again it was supported by Griffith University Environmental Science student volunteers. Almost 1 tonne of rubbish was collected.

Significant concentrations of broken bottles and glass pieces in bushland added to the weight of collected rubbish. Broken up polystyrene; rubbish from the 2022 floods; discarded fishing line; micro plastic; light sticks used by commercial fishing; ribbons with balloon remnants; and resident’s old and broken tables abandoned on the dunes were noticeable in this year’s clean up.

Volunteers: 21
Rubbish bags collected: 49 Total
Recycling bags: 14
Sharps: 3
Hazardous/Large items: Moreton Island is still dealing with 2022 flood debris – much of which has washed into beachside creeks. This includes endless polystyrene; plastic sheeting (skirts from pontoons); metal and rubber strips from pontoons; pieces of marine ply and fibreglass; building timber; survey pegs; plastic nursery pots; broken plastic rubbish bins; 2 plastic drums; and continuing large numbers of plastic spring water and soft drink bottle tops. Also found was a trailer axle, jet ski pieces and a high end upholstered boat seat. Unusual items: Discarded twin tub washing machine and used fireworks.
Total weight: 949kg

Rubbish was disposed into Brisbane City Council bins at the Bulwer Waste Transfer Station, timber into green waste at Bulwer Waste Transfer Station, and cans and bottles into Moreton Island Rural Fire Station collection trailers. It would be helpful if Brisbane City Council actions extra bin service at Bulwer Waste Transfer Station for Clean Up Australia Day in the future.

Thanks should go to Karen Kerr, Dick Craig and the Bulwer Progress and Social Association for the cost of student accommodation; the Micat for discounted volunteer fares; Dr. Peter Davey for his ongoing and invaluable assistance to the island; and all the volunteers who continue to turn up to help make a difference.

Greg Curtis
Ph: 0427 754 192