Moreton Island Adventures Corporate Escapes Brochure 2017

Escape the Grind With Your Team on Moreton Island

Moreton Island Adventures provides unique solutions for your company on Moreton Island, including (but only limited by your imagination):

  • Relaxed team conferences and meetings (shoes optional!)
  • Company & club celebrationsExperiences on Moreton Island - Corporate Escapes
  • Vehicle & product launches
  • Unique corporate getaways
  • Reunions & special events

Why Moreton Island for your Corporate Escape?

  • 20 minutes from Brisbane’s CBD to the MICAT ferry – relax onboard the luxury vessel. (Your retreat starts here!).
  • Moreton Island is 98% National Park
  • Moreton Island is the third largest sand island in the world!
  • This is where you can find unique Glamping accommodation at Castaways, Bulwer
  • Crystal clear waters, pristine beaches & amazing snorkelling
  • Brisbane’s only shipwreck snorkelling
  • Sunsets over the water while you enjoy a cheeky drink (or two!)
  • Brisbane’s closest sandboarding experience
  • Queensland’s oldest (& prettiest) lighthouse
  • Amazing lagoons & wildlife
  • Plenty of optional add on benefits
  • Moreton Island experts guiding your booking & ensuring the success of your escape from start to finish

Experiences on Moreton Island

Your team is stuck indoors at the desk for most of the week, so why not put a bit of a pep in their step with some awesome island activities:

Plan your team’s escape: The Unfakeable Top 10 things to see and do on Moreton Island

Want More Information?

To find out how your team can benefit from one of our Corporate Escapes contact the MIA team on 07 3909 3333.  We’ll let you know if you qualify for a free island famil where you can experience the island for yourself before you book your team’s escape. Or download a copy of the Corporate Escapes brochure.

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