Moreton Island Clean Up


Moreton Island Clean Up

21st May 2016

A big thank you to all who rolled up their sleeves to help out at the 2016 Moreton Island Clean Up and of course our amazing sponsors and organisers – Australian Offroad Academy, Healthy Waterways and The Offroad Adventure Show! 

This year we were lucky enough to have a couple of celebrities head over to join the fight – Jamie and Rick from The Offroad Adventure Show brought their families and put in a massive effort to help the gang clean up the beaches.  Overall a massive 581 kilograms of waste was collected and taken to the Brisbane City Council Transfer Station, that’s about half the weight of a newborn whale calf!

Why is all that rubbish on Moreton Island you ask?  Often people react to this clean up with a resounding “you shouldn’t have to clean it up”, “who is dropping rubbish on that beautiful island” and “those campers destroying the island!”. But in fact 99% of any rubbish found on the island is actually ocean debris which means that everyone – yup EVERYONE – is responsible for putting it there – not the campers, not the four wheel drivers but every one of us.

So 500kg of debris means 500kg that will not be washed back into the ocean tonight and will not be eaten by wildlife or end up clogging up our waterways. But the scary thing is, that 500kg is just a drop in the ocean (pardon the pun).  While the organised clean up happens once a year, we encourage all of you to do a small clean up every time you visit; a ½ hour walk along the beach with a rubbish bag may not seem like much – but picking up one stray plastic bag may just save a turtle or bird, and that is a worthwhile effort!

We hope to see you all again soon for the 2017 Moreton Island Clean Up – dates to be announced.




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