ARB Moreton Island Fishing Classic

IT’S ON AGAIN! – ARB Moreton Island Fishing Classic

27th to 31st August 2019 

Don’t miss out!  You can be in the running to win a share of around $65k worth of cash and prizes and with under 400 competitors, that’s not bad odds, right?  Plus, you don’t even have to catch a fish to win a prize!

What you need to know:

  • Fishing only from the beaches of Moreton Island
  • Family friendly comp with Junior and Adult categories plus our mystery category
  • Loads of prizes from our awesome sponsors inc. 4WD/camping/fishing gear, vehicle ferry transfers and CASH!!
  • Registration/weigh-in site is Castaways Store at Bulwer, Moreton Island
  • Registration from 2pm Tuesday 27th August.  Pick up your pack and enjoy the BBQ and music before you head off to start fishing
  • Daily weigh-in at 1pm. Final weigh-in Saturday 31st August at 9am, followed by prize presentation.
  • Entry fees:   $90 for Adults, $50 for kids

All this and more on amazing Moreton Island…

Don’t miss out!

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  • 2018 ARB Moreton Island Fishing Classic – Wrap Up

    Thanks to everyone who helped to make this year’s Classic a huge success.This year we introduced a “Mystery” fish prize which gave everyone a chance to win a prize. The fish species and weight was decided each day for the following day’s fishing.

    Congratulations to all of our winners:


      1st   2nd   3rd  
    Whiting Phillip Price 0.510 Joel Sharplin 0.430 Noel Brauer 0.410
    Dart Peter Watts 0.860 Michael Flanagan 0.680 Brendan Sheales 0.620
    Bream Mark Sorenson 0.960 Andrew Leoner 0.930 Steve Hunter 0.770
    Flathead Chris Hungerford 2.240 Danny Hughsman 1.890 Len Hargreaves 1.910
    Tailor Gary Enkeman 2.540 Kane Maley 2.170 John Charteris 2.796
    Mulloway Kane Maley 10.40 Brett McKenzie 9.510 Gary Enkleman 8.510
    Dart Karen Schweitzer 0.310
    Whiting Carol Brauer 0.200
    Bream Linda Hicks 0.360
    Whiting 2 Vrowena Lawrie 0.13


      1st   2nd   3rd  
    Whiting Hunter Longhurst 0.340 Hunter Longhurst 0.310 Hunter Longhurst 0.280
    Dart Hunter Longhurst 0.550 Tyler Dymock 0.475 Max Miller 0.460
    Bream Tyler Dymock 0.550 Hunter Longhurst 0.490 Shaylea Howard 0.440
    Flathead Hunter Longhurst 0.480        
    Tailor Riley Howard 1.040 Riley Howard 0.960 Max Miller 0.930
    Dart Matthew Davies 0.200
    Whiting Shaylea Howard 0.130
    Bream Riley Weldon 0.400

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    Some photos from the 2018 comp:

    Campr at the 2018 ARB Moreton Island Fishing Classic:

  • 2017 ARB Moreton Island Fishing Classic – Wrap Up

    Thanks to everyone who helped to make this year’s Classic a huge success.  This year we had 362 registered competitors, a record number for the competition, all vying for some amazing prizes and a whole lot of cash!Congratulations to all of our winners:


      1st   2nd   3rd  
    Whiting Warren Borger 0.520 Martin Cowling 0.506 Martin Cowling 0.474
    Dart Lee Miller 0.732 Loy Petrie 0.674 Kathryn Young 0.614
    Bream Jamie Laurie 1.114 Jamie Laurie 1.046 Ian Williams 0.794
    Flathead Mitchell Cowling 2.524 Steven Timms 2.430 Greg Willey 2.278
    Tailor Warren Bell 3.320 Jason Grundy 3.090 Kane Maley 2.796
    Mulloway Karl Belzner 6.462 Brett McKenzie 4.978    


    Whiting Hunter Longhurst 0.396
    Dart Thomas Conlon 0.588
    Bream Hunter Longhurst 0.622
    Flathead Hunter Longhurst 1.268
    Tailor Ethan Grundy 1.698

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2019 Fishing Classic Sponsors:

A huge thank you to all our valued sponsors. Find out more about their amazing products by clicking on their logos below: