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Tide Times on Moreton Island

Tide times on Moreton Island - #1

Watch the tides!

When driving along the beaches it is important to take into account the tides on Moreton Island and remember the following:

• The best time to travel is around low tide
• Avoid driving two hours either side of high tide – as some areas are more affected by the tidal activity than others
• Creeks flowing out onto the beaches should be crossed with caution and at walking pace
• You should not stop your vehicle in any creek-bed — use low speed and check depth and sand- softness before       crossing.

Please note tide variation: 1/2 hr earlier at The Wrecks & 2 hrs earlier at Ocean Beach.

Click on the links below to view and download Moreton Islands Tide Times:

Tide Times JAN – APR 2018
Tide Times MAY – AUG 2018
Tide Times SEP – DEC 2018

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