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Day Trips to Moreton Island

Don’t put your head in the sand too quick if you don’t have a 4WD, the MICAT ferry also transfers foot passengers to the island and it’s the perfect place for a play in the bay! Why brave the crowds at the local beach or sit in Sunday afternoon traffic when you have Brissie’s slice of paradise right in our backyard?! Just short of a 20 min drive from Brissie, you can be onboard the MICAT ferry kicking back with a cold beer while cruising across magical Moreton bay. We’ll have you stepping off the ferry onto the beach in around 75 minutes from leaving port. And the best bit is it’s just as easy on the way back.

So what’s the big deal about a day trip to Moreton? We’ve got crystal clear blue waters, stunning coral formations and endless fish varieties, pristine white sandy beaches and Brissie’s only shipwreck snorkelling site to boot! That’s not bad for a short ferry ride from the city! Bring your own snorkel gear and explore the amazing sealife or just kick back and relax on the white sandy beach! Don’t forget to pack your esky with cold drinks, snacks and enough tucker to get you through the day!

Interested in a guided tour? Why not join in on all the action with our mates from Sunset Safaris! The tours include shipwreck snorkelling, sand boarding and the ultimate transparent kayaking! Discounted combo deals are also available. The guided tours are perfect for day trippers and a great way to experience all that Moreton has to offer! For more information about guided island activities or to book see the guys from Sunset Safaris! CLICK HERE or phone 1300 553 606.

*** Important changes to Tangalooma Resort access ***

What are you waiting for?! Get over to Moreton for the day and see what everyone is talking about!


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