Expert Updates

Track Conditions & General Information

Date of Report: 14th November 2023        Date of Next Report: 20th November 2023

Track Conditions

Roads and tracks are currently reasonably firm and remain trafficable. Tracks are likely to slowly deteriorate without further rainfall.

  • Cowan Bypass is fair at time of report and can deteriorate quickly with sand drying and heavy traffic.
  • Bulwer-North Point Road (via Five Hills) is firm with some rough sections. Suitable for high clearance 4WD vehicles only.
  • Bulwer-Blue Lagoon Road is soft in some sections but trafficable.
  • Blue Lagoon day-use access track and carpark all roads and walking tracks are currently open.
  • Middle Road is regularly graded but quickly becomes rough and corrugated with some soft and boggy sections. It is a rough drive and probably not great for camper vans.
  • Mirapool Bypass Road was soft as as the track going from the beach to the Mirapools however reports are that the rain we had towards the end of the week has improved them somewhat.
  • Tangalooma Bypass Road is rough with some very soft boggy sections.
  • Mt Tempest Road is open and in good condition, until the next heavy rainfall.

Beach Driving Conditions

Very high tides and storm activity will cause creek washouts and many benches to form, creating steep drop offs on eastern and western beaches. Drivers should use caution and plan their trip around lower tides.

Migratory birds are resting on Mulgumpin beaches, please do not drive through flocks as they feed and rest before their next journey.

  • Tangalooma to Kooringal (western beach) is only accessible 2 hours either side of low tide.
  • Tangalooma to Bulwer (western beach) access is between mid to low tide; use caution when crossing creeks.
  • Bulwer to North Point (via northern beach) is constantly changing and is often not trafficable due to the natural outflow of the Heath Island tidal system at Main Creek. Beach erosion has exposed sections of coffee rock south of Yellow Patch and caution is required before attempting any water crossings.
  • Cape Moreton to Mirapool Bypass (eastern beach) – Travel is advised only 2 hours either side of low tide, as vehicles may become stuck on the coffee rock or between the vertical dunes and the waves. Shea oaks are no longer an issue however be aware of drop offs along the beach. Never drive on dunes, or on exposed sand ledges as they can slump away causing vehicle roll over. Be aware of quicksand near Mirrapool lagoon.
  • North Point – Highly changing beach lagoon and creek environment with shifting lagoon and drainage lines between Northpoint and Main Creek. Some access challenges are present in this area where hazards such as deep water crossings, steep drop offs, soft sand and washouts are likely. NEVER DRIVE THROUGH WATER WITHOUT CHECKING THE DEPTH FIRST. We have had a number of visitors flood their vehicles recently by driving though water without checking the depth first.
  • Visitors are advised to proceed with caution on any water crossings and travel two hours either side of low tide only.
  • Yellow Patch – beach lagoons and waterways are constantly changing.
  • Access to Bulwer via the Five Hills Road is currently only available 2 hours either side of low tide.

Caution: expect unstable edges, deep waterholes and sand dunes along shoreline that have slumped due to erosion.

General Updates

  • There currently a fire ban for all areas of the Mulgumpin National Park. This mean no open fires – cooking must be fuelled via Gas or heat beads.
  • There has been evidence of Fire Ants at Kooringal. Please visit for further information.
  • We now have the ability to go on a waiting list for both vehicle and trailers! Simply attempt to book on the sold out trip that you want to go on and it will give you the opportunity to go onto the wait list!
  • Please note that you need to book and pay for all passengers through the Micat booking system prior to check in. Tickets purchased at check in will incur an additional handling fee of 20%.