How to Book your Escape


So you’ve worked out the WHEN and WHO you’re going to Moreton with, now how do you book?

Click on the “Book Now” button at the top of the screen:


Change the start date to the day that you would like to travel.

Date travelling

Hover over “Brisbane to Moreton” or “Moreton to Brisbane” (depending on where you’re coming from) and click “See Listings”:

Which way

A list of what’s available for that day will appear. Click on “Book now” for the item you would like.

Only bringing up a passenger option? This means there are no vehicle spaces. If you’re desperate to get over, we do have a waitlist – give us a call on 3909 3333 or email [email protected] to be added.

Book your vehicle size

Now select your time & enter a gift certificate or promo code (if you have one) & click continue:

Promo code

Now your vehicle is booked, add anything additional, like trailers, permits or passengers by clicking on the plus symbol. Remember, a passenger is included with the trailer, so if you book car + trailer, driver + passenger is included:

Create booking

To add your return trip, click on “Add Return Trip” circled above and repeat steps 3 – 6. You will notice it says you have a booking in progress, you can click view to go back to that booking at anytime:

In progress

We think you have it from here, but please feel free to email or call if you have any queries.

We know you’re keen, but please don’t click the payment button more than once! Give it a moment to process.

We look forward to seeing you at check-in 1 hour prior to departure.