Glamping, the only escape for me!

I have to confess. I’m an addict.

An email and social media addict. As the Chief Escape Officer (or CEO) for Moreton Island Adventures, I look at my phone when I wake up and throughout the day until I go to sleep. If my phone is there I will check it and, often my husband and I are sitting across from each other both engrossed in our phones; it really kills the conversation. That’s why I decided that the only way for me to “dry out“ is to go somewhere that makes it difficult to feed the addiction – off the grid.

So I began my search. I traveled far and wide including safaris in Africa and 5* hotels in Paris searching for this place that I could truly escape the grind. But I usually had to drive a long way, or check in at an airport which kind of killed the “relaxation” part of the escape.  It was around then that I happened upon this new option of Glamping, short for “glamourous camping”.

I found Glamping to be the best of both worlds, that escape from reality that Camping gives us (what is more heart-warming than toasting marshmallows around the fire…really??), without the drudgery of unpacking and washing all the camp gear – and with a comfy queen bed with proper linen and a doona!

I already knew the perfect location as we had old units situated on Moreton Island that I was wanting to upgrade.  So in 2012, instead of building a soulless resort where people don’t truly engage with each other or their environment, I decided to build 9 Glamping tents (now expanded to 11 due to their popularity) in amongst the tea trees at Bulwer. Here at the Glamping tents, people are able to have the camping experience, but without all the hassle.  You still have the comradery of meeting people in the “glampsite” as the on-site kitchen & firepit are communal. Since then I haven’t stayed in our unit accommodation at all, as I love the style of the Glamping and being able to listen to the birds as I lay in bed of a morning.

When you take a look at the glamping options around Brisbane, it’s amazing how close you can be to a destination that really does get you talking to each other, listening to one another and maybe doing a little bit more of the fun stuff as well, if you get my drift. They are mostly off the beaten track, so no or little mobile service. They have the luxury of your bedroom but so much different to your house, it’s more like a romantic cubby. They are often made just for couples and they are small intimate places where romance can flourish.

Since we have built our tents, others have popped up around Brisbane and the hinterland for couples and my goal is to sample every one of them that is “off the grid”. So if you have now concluded that you too are an “addict” do yourself a favour and dry out by going Glamping off the beaten track where the phone coverage is poor, the restaurants are few and your other half has only you in their sights.

Find out more about Glamping on Moreton Island & download our Moreton Island Glamping Guide here!

Cane Toad free camping near Brisbane?

Want to go camping near Brisbane with no nasty visitors? Check out beautiful Moreton Island then! Did you know that Moreton is one of the few locations in coastal Queensland where cane toads are not established? And we all want to keep it that way – check out how we can all help to prevent Moreton Island becoming one of the sad statistics in the fight against cane toads!

Check your load for toads

Cane Toads are hitchhikers. Before travelling make sure you check your firewood, fishing gear, camping gear and any spaces that a cane toad may hide. If you find one, make sure it’s disposed of humanely (see below).

Report sightings

any sightings on Moreton Island to QLD Parks & Wildlife Service on (07) 3408 2710

Know your native frogs

There are some native species on Moreton Island that could be mistaken for toads – see below the pictogram which shows how to distinguish these species. Generally, toads are larger than frogs and can grow bigger than 20cm – most native frogs are smaller than this.

Source: Brisbane City Council

Dispose of Cane Toads Humanely

Did you know that there is now a RSPCA certified aerosol spray which is the most humane euthanasia method for toads? No more scaring mum with the frozen cane toad method! This spray is called HopStop and is widely available in hardware stores. Check out their website here for more info on where to buy this great product.

Dispose of Cane Toad eggs

Cane toad eggs develop in water as long strands of black eggs. Remove them from the water and place in sunlight to destroy.

Say g’day to the amazing cane toad detection dogs

Brisbane City Council enlists the help of cane toad detection dogs to regularly visit the island to sniff out the pests. During each visit, one of the dogs and its handler undertake searches in key habitat areas. They raise awareness with residents and visitors on what they can do to ensure the island remains cane toad free. The cane toad detection dog will be doing its next survey on Moreton Island on 9-15 December 2016.


To find out more about the great work Brisbane City Council do to protect Moreton Island, click here.

To check out some of the fantastic cane toad free camping sights on Moreton Island click below:

Camping on Moreton Island

Moreton Island Hiking | Snowys Blog

If you’re into hiking, but you don’t have time to stray far from Brisbane, why not try out Moreton Island’s hiking environment?  Head on over to Snowy’s Blog to check out the full report on his Moreton Island hiking experience. Moreton Island is only a 90 minute ferry trip from Brisbane on board the Micat and would have to be one of the most underestimated hiking destinations in Queensland.   There are so many different options available to make it the perfect option for seasoned hikers and for novices alike.

There are so many options for hiking on Moreton Island.  Less experienced hikers can spend an hour or two exploring various parts of the island.  More experienced hikers can plan a longer trip around and across the island, taking a couple of days to absorb the attributes of this beautiful landmass.

Taking in the sights on foot, is the ideal way to capture the unique flora and fauna on this amazing island which is the world’s third largest sand island.  There are countless opportunities to take that once in a lifetime photo.

Low tide provides opportunities to explore the tidal flats and catch a glimpse of the many sea creatures that make this place such a unique experience.  Waves of scurrying blue soldier crabs are a common sight on the sand and mud flats.  Their spontaneous arrival is triggered by the falling tide. If disturbed, they burrow into the sand, disappearing as quickly as they arrived. Moreton Island is also home to numerous different species of birds – so don’t forget your binoculars!

There are many tracks to explore on Moreton but among the more challenging is the Telegraph Walking Track.  As you walk you can spot telegraph posts from the old telegraph line built in the 1890s for the Cape Moreton Lighthouse. Relics can still be found along Bulwer–North Point Road and Telegraph Road.   Another track for the more experienced hiker to explore is the Rous Battery Track.  You will see the remnants of a World War II fort scattered around the dunes. The walk follows the old Rous Battery service road.

Moreton Island is the sort of place where, with planning, you can organise your own hiking itinerary to suit your level of expertise and interests.   Don’t forget, like any hiking expedition, you need to be well-prepared to make your experience on Moreton a success.


Source: Moreton Island – Brisbane’s Most Underrated Hiking Destination? | Snowys Blog

Isuzu I-Venture Club

How to get your new 4WD Isuzu (and yourself!) offroad ready with Isuzu I-Venture Club.  So you’ve purchased a new 4wd.  It’s awesome. So shiny and new, you can’t wait to take the kids to soccer practice and show off to the other dads.  But the thought of taking your new shiny Isuzu DMAX onto a sand island and risking being one of those statistics? No thank you!  But then that really hardcore bloke (we’ll call him Bazza) down the road keeps asking you why your cool new hardcore 4wd is so clean…you’re running out of cover stories.

Well never fear! The Isuzu I-Venture Club can take away your manly woes and deliver you safely to a spectacular Brisbane 4WD destination, give you accredited 4WD training and instruction and all the while have you thinking you’re just on an awesome day out!

brisbane 4wd-ferry
Don’t be “that” guy.


That is exactly what happened last Saturday when Keema Cars organised an I-Venture Club trip for a selection of their valued clients. 34 adventure seeking 4WD enthusiasts took their shiny new Isuzu vehicles out to tackle sand driving on Moreton Island.

Dave Darmody from Australian Offroad Academy joined Moreton Island Adventures & Keema Cars to provide a stellar day with plenty of 4WD instruction combined with interesting facts on the island and amazing catering (after all no one works well on an empty stomach). The Australian Offroad Academy is a peak offroad training provider whose mission it is to provide you with the skills necessary to safely and confidently explore the outdoors, secure in the knowledge that you and your vehicle can handle the chosen terrain – and on Saturday that is exactly what Dave Darmody gave us!

brisbane 4wd training
The group enjoyed delicious morning tea while participating in some on-board training on their trip across the bay

So what exactly will you learn on a Brisbane 4WD I-Venture Club Trip on Moreton Island?

How to decrease your tyre pressure to travel successfully on sand.
Depending on your vehicle and how soft the sand is, your 4WD trainer will advise you what PSI your vehicle’s tyres should be at – and why. Luckily the Micat ferry owned by Moreton Island Adventures has 4 air hoses for you to re-inflate your tyres on the way back to Brisbane. 4WD adventure couldn’t be easier!

isuzu brisbane 4wd
Great scenery and weather accompanied us as we participated in some training

How to use all the special features on your Isuzu 4WD to cater to sand driving
You probably haven’t used half of the buttons and gadgets that your Isuzu was born with – it’s time to get to know your vehicle.

brisbane 4wd-training-2
Dave from Australian Offroad Academy getting everyone involved in some recovery training

How to drive safely off the ferry onto the sand without being “that guy” who gets bogged in front of the ferry!
No one wants to be that guy. Sometimes the fear of the unknown will actually stop us stepping out into the adventures we know we want to have. This trip will debunk the mysteries surrounding safe and effective sand driving and get you offroad ready in no time.

Brisbane 4WD
Emma from Moreton Island Adventures shows the lads how to drive

How to tackle multiple sand obstacles including soft sand, entering and exiting tracks safely without drama, avoiding obstacles & water crossings.
These can all sound a bit scary if you’ve never tackled them before

Brisbane 4wd water crossing
Water crossings are not so scary with expert instruction and guidance

What to do if you become stuck, bogged or temporarily trapped (and what is the difference?)
Sometimes you’re just stuck. Temporarily. It’s not a serious issue worth panicking about – but you panic…sound familiar? Dave will teach you the difference between these and how not to panic, remain calm and just follow the steps to get yourself back on your adventure…sounds good right?

Brisbane 4wd max trax
Demonstrating the tools of the trade with a set of Max Trax

How to get around Moreton Island!
By the end of your trip, you’ll have travelled the entire Northern end of Moreton Island. You’ll probably have a really good idea of where you want to come back and camp and what you want to see. The Moreton Island Adventures guides can answer all of your questions about this magical island, and we can almost guarantee you’ll be dying to return on your own time.

isuzu Brisbane 4wd
Hitting the idyllic Eastern Beach

This is what some of Saturday’s adventurer’s had to say about the day:

Getting to know how to do things right and safely, so much more confident and looking forward to going out on my own; A really brilliant day, fulfilled my expectations. Everyone very friendly and approachable. Geraldine


Great experience and totally doable for us senior travellers. Food was fantastic, tour organisers were extremely helpful. Pamela

catering 4wd brisbane
Would you like some scenery with your watermelon?

So in short, if you’re feeling a little timid about getting out onto the sand in your shiny new Isuzu it’s time to take the bull by the horns and get into some REAL Brisbane 4WD adventures and sign up to the I-Venture club. Let’s face it, you’ll have a lot more to talk about at the kid’s soccer match if your DMAX is covered in sand and you’ve just come off your last camping trip to Moreton Island!

If you’re keen to get involved, head to to sign up! If you’ve purchased your Isuzu with Keema Cars Springwood, give the friendly team there a call and see when the next customer trip is coming up

An awesome group and an awesome day!


Brisbane’s international students seek out sand, sun and fun ahead of summer

Photo: Sue Whiteman  28 September 2016 Brisbane’s International Student Ambassadors, along with a handful of Queensland’s social media stars, have spent a day soaking up the sun on Moreton Island

Source: Brisbane’s international students seek out sand, sun and fun ahead of summer months – Choose Brisbane

Brisbane’s International Students, along with a handful of Queensland’s social media stars, have spent a day soaking up the sun on Moreton Island.

With beautiful weather here ahead of summer, it’s no surprise that students jumped at the chance to take a break from their studies and experience the unique activities the island has to offer.

Australian Sunset Safaris provided a unique tour experience designed to encourage students to step out of their comfort zones and spend a sun-filled day sand tobogganing, clear-boat kayaking, snorkelling and exploring beautiful terrain.

Brisbane has become one of the most desirable places in the world to live, play and study. The city is a clear favorite among international students, with low cost of living and what seems like more days of sunshine than anywhere else in Australia.

Brisbane has 75,000 international student enrolments per year from over 160 countries, and Moreton Island is a popular destination for students and to experience while living and studying abroad – with their visiting families also joining in on the adventure.

The city has a reputation as one of the friendliest in the world, this coupled with its proximity to World Heritage-listed rainforests, unspoilt national parks and idyllic islands, has helped to attract students to Brisbane, with no sign of the trend slowing down.

Over the past 12 months, Rough Guides has named Brisbane one of the top 10 most beautiful cities in the world, and TripAdvisor announced the city as the No.1 South Pacific destination on the rise for 2016.

It’s hard to look past Brisbane’s position to experience weekend getaways and day escapes. The city is also known for its lush parks, historic buildings, beautiful river, edgy arts scene and evolving and maturing food scene.

Australian Sunset Safari Marketing Manager Roland Huang said the company recognised the importance of international education as it provided a driving force for tourism in Queensland.

“We have always devoted our time and attention to the international education sector because we believe students should enjoy their studies by balancing work and play throughout their time here in Queensland,” Mr Huang said.

“We recommend everyone visits Moreton Island – it’s one of the most beautiful sand islands in the world and is easily accessible from the Gold Coast, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

Plan your next road trip or weekend vacation and check out

Read more about the Brisbane International Student Ambassador program.

Camping Will Improve Your Health

Camping with your family is a simple way to get outside and increase their health.  It doesn’t seem like long ago when children were rushing to get outside and play, ride their bikes, go camping, head to the park, and generally have fun being active. How times have changed! In just a few decades, the average lifestyle in developed countries has become increasingly lethargic.  People browse the internet rather than take a walk or watch a movie rather than take a bike ride on a local trail. In your own home, you have probably observed that family members are ever more connected to their gadgets and computers.

The most worrying thing about this change is the effect that it has on overall health. The human body didn’t evolve to stand still, so it makes sense that you should try to get active, at least for a short time, every single day of the week. Let’s look at five ways getting outside on your next camping holiday can benefit the health of you and your family.

Go camping, relax and stop yelling at the children

Have you ever sat down with a coffee and your tablet, and called that relaxing? True relaxation comes when we have time to be introspective and reflective which means keeping the kids
occupied while we enjoy some quiet… What better way to do this than to go outside and disconnect from the digital world; go outside for a stroll (the kids can tag along on their bikes) or go camping – trust me the kids will be occupied doing things out of the ordinary and you might actually get some down time!  David Close entry 1


Get some sunny vibes for bone health

Vitamin D deficiency is common in Australia with over 30% of adults having a mild to severe deficiency. The good news is that your body can generate this vitamin simply by being in sunlight!  Just by increasing your families outdoor time (for instance through a camping trip), you can gain many health benefits including strong bones, decreased risk of cardiovascular disease and a decreased risk of some forms of cancer.  What better reason is there to get outdoors when the weather is nice?  Just remember to slap on some sunscreen to protect yourself from UV Rays.Moreton Island Adventures

Decrease your risk of disease

Almost 2 in 3 adults are overweight or obese in Australia.  1 in 4 Australian children are overweight or obese.  Obesity is the 2nd highest contributor to burden of disease.  If your family spends a lot of time indoors, camping is a fantastic way to get out and increase your activity levels.  If you can’t afford the time out to spend a weekend camping, any increase in activity you can fit into your day such as going for a walk, jumping on the trampoline or kicking the soccer ball will positively influence the health of your family.Moreton Island Low Res-137

Get healthy eyes

64% of children from the age of 3 – 17 own a smart phone ( and spend 23 hours a week on it.  There is a worrying increase of nearsightedness being seen in our Australian children due to increased screen time, and resulting strain on eyes.  The outside, natural environment is really important for your eyes as you have a variance of brightness, long distance and colour that relaxes the eye.  While they play, children’s eyes are more relaxed and thus get a chance to regenerate and revive.  Get out to your favorite camping spot or the backyard and ban the electronic devices.  A simple time out jumping on the trampoline or swinging on the swings will give untold benefits for eye health.camping-family


As you can see, getting outdoors whether it is a weekend away camping, or just a trip to the backyard or local park will have untold health benefits for your family.  The team at Vuly Trampolines along with the team at Moreton Island Adventures support the community in encouraging kids and families to get outside, be active and enjoy Queensland’s great weather.



Brisbane Island – what everyone should know!

You didn’t know there was a Brisbane Island?  Well, you best consult with Dr Google and find out about Moreton Island! I want to share some of the amazing things there are to see and do on this much forgotten slice of paradise.  Like did you know that Moreton has Brisbane’s only shipwreck snorkelling?  Or that it is home the world’s highest vegetated coastal sand dune??  If not read on for the top 10 things to experience on this amazing island!

1. Get unplugged and off-road

What better what to get off road and unplugged than driving around the 200km of beach and inland sand tracks on Moreton Island?  Get around to some of the best places below, while enjoying a bit of 4WDing fun – test your skills as little or as much as you like!  Bring some basic recovery gear, but one of the great things about Moreton Island is there is always someone driving past who will lend a hand if you need it4wd-island


2. Get Wrecked on Brisbane Island – but not the way you think!

Imagine snorkelling around historic shipwrecks while thousands of tropical fish swarm past colourful coral formations.  Just beside you a cormorant dives down and spears a fish right before your eyes!  You must be at the Great Barrier Reef right?  WRONG!  You’re on Moreton Island, snorkelling the 15 sunken ships just 20 meters from the beach – the water is that clear that you’d be forgiven for thinking you’re on some tropical island in the south pacific!Brisbane Island Wrecks

3. Break the speed limit

Get the kids out of their comfort zone with a bit of sandboarding in The Desert!  Did you know you can reach up to 35km/hr zooming down the dunes?  Make sure you buy a sand board before leaving the ferry (for the princely sum of $8) or bring your own for hours of sandy fun – head straight to the water afterwards for a “Moreton Shower”.Sandboarding action


4. Volcanos, Whales & Convicts – what do they have in common?

What on earth you ask?  Cape Moreton is one of the most interesting spots on Moreton Island.  Firstly, underneath all that sandstone is the only rock on the island – and one formed in the Triassic era at that – think Dinosaur age!  The lighthouse itself was the first built in Queensland and was built by civil prisoners (aka Convicts!). And last but not least, it’s the best place to spot earth’s modern dinosaurs – the whales from July to October every year (minus the seasickness you’d get with a traditional whale watching experience!).Lighthouse-gall

5. Get younger without paying a cent

Sounds good doesn’t it!  Well, popular myth says that if you take a dip in Blue Lagoon it will take years off your life!  We’re not promising anything, but the tea tree laden waters of this perched lake (that’s a lake formed by sand hardening over time and forming a ‘bowl’) will definitely leave your skin soft and supple – much cheaper than that beauty treatment you were thinking about getting.  If you’re really brave we recommend diving down for some of the ‘black’ sand and plastering over your face for a true Moreton Island facial!Blue Lagoon

6. Relax with a free massage on Brisbane Island

What would put the wife in a really good mood for the rest of the day?  A massage of course!  Head to Champagne Rockpools at North Point and let the waves and bubbles wash away the grit of the day – the best way to get those last remaining grains of sand out of your hair!Champagne Pools

7. Where is the perfect sunset?

Everybody claims to have the perfect sunset these days don’t they?  But if you want to relax with a cool beverage on the beach as the sun dips down over the water – and perhaps a few dolphins frolic by – well we think we’ve got just the place.  Head to North Point with your camp chair and watch as the sun falls behind the picturesque Glass House Mountains.  Ahh day done!Sunset drinks

8. Reach for the sky

Why not tick that box and climb the highest vegetated sand dune in the world?! Mt Tempest is around 280m high and simply the best view on the whole island.  Drink in almost 360 degree views of the sparkling waters and sandy dunes.  If you’re really looking for a unique adventure, pack the thermos & coffee and do a sunrise hike!

9. Battery Acid

What workplace has a ‘tools down’ rule every 2pm daily to go for a swim?  Well for the soldiers stationed at Rous Battery in WW2 this was exactly the situation most days on the Eastern Beach.  Whisk the kids back in time as you explore the old concrete bunkers from yesteryear and delve into the little known war history of Moreton Island.Rous-battery-2

10. What’s that fishy smell?

It’s the folk at the Moreton Island Fishing Classic of course!  They’re the people who are not afraid to gut a fish, pitch a tent and get out and about.  This annual comp is fast becoming the ‘must do’ fishing event of the year.  And the best bit is you don’t even have to catch a fish to win a prize!!Fishing Brisbane

If this all sounds like your kettle of fish (pun intended) then head over to for more information on how to get there quick.